How to Approach a Woman Successfully

Knowing the right way to approach a woman can give you the edge on getting the woman’s attention in a way that is more than just friendly conversation; with the right approach you will easily be able to get any woman’s phone number in any situation. These tips will help you approach any woman successfully, without the struggle to make a good impression.

  1.  Don’t think you have to be super handsome or rich to talk to an attractive woman! Many men make the mistake of thinking that they need to be ultra rich or incredibly young and handsome to talk to an attractive woman.   The truth is that with the right techniques, you can successfully approach any woman, no matter how attractive she is, and get her number within just a few minutes.
  2.  Don’t spend hours trying to impress her! When you approach a woman, 99% of the time the girl will know whether or not she is interested in you within just a few minutes, or even a few seconds, of speaking. You will want to express romantic interest quickly, and then move on. If you spend too much time talking without letting the woman know you are interested, you may find that she quickly begins to see you as a friend rather than a potential date.
  3.  Speak with confidence! Another common mistake that men make when they approach a woman is that they try to be nice, and do not mention their attraction quickly. For most men, this simply turns the woman off to becoming romantically interested. Do take the time to give her a nice compliment, and then ask her about going on a date. The worst thing she can say is no.
  4.  Don’t waste time with a woman who has rejected you! When you approach a woman and find that she is not interested, you will want to just move on with your evening or day. Not all women are available, even if they are at a club or singles mixer- they could be there with friends, or for any other reason. If you stand around trying to impress a woman who has rejected you, you will ruin your chances with all the other women in the room!
  5.  Learn some new skills! If you find that you simply are not successful when you approach a woman, now might be the perfect time to hone your rapport skills. Women look for specific traits in men, and this is more than just looks or money. When you take the time to learn more about women and dating, you significantly improve your chances of getting that phone number or date.
  6.  Don’t just be friendly! This is an important rule if you really want to get more attractive women to be romantically interested in you. Most men who end up in the friend zone do so because they want to be a nice guy, but when you choose this path you are setting yourself up for dating failure.

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