How to Attract a Friend into a Boyfriend

You find yourself desiring to turning your male friend into being a boyfriend but don’t know how to attract him in this way. There are a lot of things to consider and to weigh when it is your desire to be more than just a friend. Let us explore the reasons and possible outcomes together.

A friend is one you attract with no effort really on your part, one you can talk openly and freely with, loves you unconditionally, cheers you up when you are down, always ready with advice, and never fails at being there for you when you need him. It would be wonderful if the man you chose to attract in your life could know you and understand you like that of a friend. When you attract a possible boyfriend; you are wanting a mate, a companion, a lover to share and complete your life. There’s the flirting, the chase, the catch, the romance, and the sex involved when it comes as to why we want to attract a man’s attention. How you attract a man and the skills you use to do so go by the wayside when you are considering a friend. He already knows everything about you so there’s no mystery there (necessary to the chase) and you probably already have friendly flirting present (so no fun and surpise in the game of flirting). There may or may not be a sexual attraction already there that just never has been acted upon. On the other hand, no worry about the «catch» because if he’s just as interested in you as you are in him, then you are guaranteed to attract him to being more than your friend.

The age old question is should you? As with any relationship you choose to attract, making a friend to a boyfriend has its upsides and downsides. Before you choose to do so, you need to consider all the possibilities. Then you must decide if it is worth it. You definitely need to be pretty sure they are open to the possibility. Remember the risk of a broken friendship exists. Alot of intimate relationships we attract don’t work out but a good friend is one that lasts. Mostly, once you cross the boundary from friend to «more» and it doesn’t work out; it has hard to find your way back to the relationship you chose to attract in the first place, your friend. I wish nothing but the best for you both.

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