How To Attract A Girls

The question as to how to attract girls is one which many men find very tricky. In fact, a lot of men are so anxious about attracting girls that they usually hide behind cliche pick-up lines, which makes them fail to attract women even more. The truth is that it’s not really that difficult to attract women. The key is in becoming a man whom women can respect while at the same time being a man who makes women feel appreciated, yet ever so slightly out of reach. To serve as general guidelines, here are the top five foundational tips for attracting girls:

  1. Be Confident
    You may already have heard this before, but it bears repetition. You may practice at some chats online and get acquainted with some girls there. Women generally find confidence very attractive. However, you should be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance, as THAT will surely make you bomb big time. To strike the ideal balance that makes you appear confident without looking arrogant, you may begin by standing straight and developing a steady gait. Walk slowly and surely. SPeak with enthusiasm and expression. And when you approach a girl, smile! So many men try so hard to look coll, they forget to broadcast that there happy. Tell your face boys! During conversations with a woman, steer the discussion more towards her than you. Talk about your achievements only if she asks or if it fits perfectly into the conversation. Employ slight teasing to build sexual chemistry and generally just make sure that your game is natural and playful.
  2. Make Her Laugh
    Humour is indeed the greatest leveller. This means that even if you consider yourself only average-looking, a good sense of humour will definitely make you a lot more attractive than a good-looking, but boring guy. Humour creates an instant connection between you and the girl you’re talking to, which is why using it in conversations is one of the best ways of attracting girls. Think about the last time you made your female friends laugh and then use that same tactic to tickle your girl’s funny bone.
  3. Listen
    Women appreciate men who know how to listen, not only because it is a sign of being considerate, but mostly because it’s very rare to find men who really listen when women talk. Let her know that you are a good listener by incorporating parts of what she said into your contributions to the conversation. Listening shows a woman that you are not shallow and that you are interested in something more than just getting her into bed.
  4. Take Care of Your Hygiene and Appearance
    Before you go out, make sure that your overall appearance is clean and that you are smelling fresh. Please note, smelling fresh does not mean swathing yourself in so much aftershave she will smell you coming five minutes early! Even if you go for the rugged look, your clothes should still be clean. Hygiene is very important to women. When men take the time to look good and care for themselves, it sends out the message that they will be sure to care for their girl as well. This perfectly addresses a woman’s instinctive need for security.
  5. Be Indifferent
    Now, this may sound counterproductive, but it’s really one of the most effective ways for attracting girls. Take note that a beautiful woman is so used to being pursued by men wherever she goes. So, if you show interest in her while appearing sexually disinterested at the same time, it will be a break from the norm and will surely get her attention.

So, there you have the top five foundational tips for attracting girls. Due to the nature of Article writing I have barely scratched the surface.

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